Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beading on a trip

I'm going on a short trip to Colorado Springs Monday so I'm thinking about what to pack. OK, the clothes are easy. Jeans, shirts and one foo-foo outfit for a party. Done. Now comes the problem. Which beads do I take? I'm working on a goofy evening bag so I'll take beads for that one but what else? I've already printed extra copies of the evening bag pattern but which other should I print? Making a list..... beads, patterns, scissors, thread, needles, tray.... I know I'm leaving something out. It's getting close to panic time where I start throwing in tubes and tubes of beads, extra patterns by the dozens, several colors of Silamide. My bead case is going to weigh more than my suitcase. Panic!!! But wait.... I have one more day to figure this out. By tomorrow night I can probably have two bead bags packed. It's no wonder my poor hubby's hair started going gray shortly after we married.

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