Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm being held captive by the evil redecorating troll. I've been painting my bedroom. One wall and an archway is now a beautiful deep chocolate brown. My hands and clothes are now dotted with deep chocolate brown. I'm sick and tired of this job. I've been sewing stuff too and I hate sewing. I think I'm pretty close to having this mess finished.
A wise person once told me that when you begin to paint a room you should just move to another house instead. This is so true. When one wall looks good the next room looks horrible. Before long the entire house looks horrible and it's all because of painting the first stinking wall.


ChezChani said...

I once sponge painted my bedroom. It looked like some sort of acid dream. I ran out of time from my vacation to do the second coat. Five years later I got someone to just paint over it in white.
I look at walls in my house occasionally, picturing them a different colour. Hopefully it will not go further than that.

Suzanne Cooper said...

Do NOT paint the wall again. Step away from the paint can!!!

Bead-Mused said...

We have been (I should say "my husband has been") painting the living room for over a year now. He looks at it and declares that it needs a second coat. I look at the rest of the house and wonder "what color for this room?" Oh, and we've been putting the new living room floor down for just as long, because the painting must be completed before the floor goes down! HAH!