Monday, January 12, 2009

The great thread debate.....

It seems there is always a debate about which thread is best for beading. I love, love, love Silamide thread but there are some tricks to threading a needle with it.
1. Never, never put the thread in your mouth. If it gets wet it will frazzle. Hmmm..... is frazzle a word?
2. Put some lip balm on your lips and press them together on the end of the thread. This will flatten the thread and it goes through the needle easier. I use a #10 needle most of the time.
3. Look at your needle. Go through the side of the hole that is the biggest. One side is always bigger.
4. If you are right handed thread the end that is ready. If you are left handed unwind some thread and cut it. Thread the needle with the newly cut end. Since Silamide is a wound thread this will help keep it together. Also when you are beading the natural rotation of your hands will help keep it tightly wound.


Denise said...

Oh Suzanne, how sad for you that you like that yucky thread.
Nymo for me! You should try it! It practically threads itself! Why, once, when I was busy beading, it got up and poured me a coffee!!
It's like the best thread in the world!
Cheers, Denise

Suzanne Cooper said...

>Why, once, when I was busy beading, it got up and poured me a coffee!!

LOL!!!!! Trust me, I've tried Nymo many times. It would have to pour me coffee, serve luscious chocolate and mix a Marguerita for me before I'd use it.

Denise said...

I'd rather a pina colada, but I'd never say no to a luscious chocolate! Heck, I wouldn't say no to cheap chocolate!
Cheers, Denise

DWDesigns said...

thanks for explaining which end to thread for left or right handed beaders. and yes, "frazzle" is a word though it usually describes the state of mind when a human is harried, under stress, and generally running around like a chicken w/ its head cut off.

a question: I bought several spools of colored silamide and have found very little use for the colored thread. no matter what I do it seems the colored threads show between stitches and don't look good. I've started using black, creme, and white exclusively. do you use colored silamide threads? if so in what stitches?

another question: I've "heard" that the "new silamide" being sold on cards rather than spools is not as good in quality as the original silamide sold on spools.
I use a lot of thread and would always prefer buying in spools ... but the same rumor source said that the spools are being discontinued in favor of the cards. your insight welcome.

a comment for nymo users: there is a (relatively) new thread made by Toho called One G.
it is FABULOUS. it looks like nymo, comes in lots of colors.

it does NOT kink, frizzle at the cut ends, get worn where the needle bends it double, tie itself into knots ... in short it has none of Nymo's bad habits. it's stronger than Nymo too. it's my new favorite!! but I do still have some silamide to use up and have all the colored spools I'll never use.