Friday, January 2, 2009

Kindle update....

I promised I'd give a report on how I like using Amazon's Kindle reading machine. I haven't posted about this because I've been busy reading! I LOVE IT! It was hard to use at first and I missed having a real book in my hands. Now I wonder why I didn't order one when they first came out. In the past when I've traveled I have taken four or five books. Now I can take just the Kindle and have tons of books at my fingertips. The Kindle is lighter than even a paperback book. When I go to sleep while reading I normally drop my book and have trouble finding my page. The Kindle goes to sleep when you stop reading so you can go back to the right page with no problem. I bookmark pages fairly just in case I hit the wrong button and lose my place. Another plus is the books are half price even on the new releases. There are now over 200,000 titles available. When you buy a book it is sent wireless to your Kindle in less than 60 seconds. Amazon is supposed to have a new version out very soon. This one will be even lighter.

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