Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My latest TV addiction!

We've been watching "Treasure Quest" on the Discovery Channel.Last week they were exploring some German submarines from WWII. I am totally fascinated by this show. It's the same people who explored the Titanic a few years back. They have found the ship "HMS Victory" that went down in 1744. They had two episodes on this ship and are now teasing us while we wait for more on it. This Thursday they are exploring the "Lusitania" and that should be interesting. The Victory is supposed to have been loaded with a HUGE amount of gold. The only problem is I can't bead while watching this show. It is much too fascinating.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? I did and I loved it. I have two negative comments:
1. There was very little beautiful jewelry.
2. There wasn't enough Hugh Jackman!!! I could have watched him for hours. I've been a fan a long time. He sings. He dances. He is definitely easy on the eyes!

Monday, February 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I finished two e-Books with Celtic patterns this week. Now I need to get busy and make a necklace for St. Patrick's Day. I don't wear green clothes so I get lots of "Where's your green?" on the 17th. This year I'll have an answer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Home from Tucson

I'm home Aunty Em, I'm home! I definitely saw enough rubies to make many pairs of ruby red slippers. I went back to the big show yesterday and didn't buy diddly. Woe is me when I actually get tired of seeing precious gems! We went out to one of the smaller shows and I was so happy to see glass beads for a change. I bought some really pretty Czech beads and some crystal roundels. The drive to the small show was interesting because we could see all the tents from the freeway. No wonder my feet hurt. We estimated that the tents and grounds at the G&LW show at the Holidome covered the length of three city blocks. And no, I didn't go into all of them! We passed by show after show on the drive. Many of them featured rough stones so that didn't interest me. Truthfully, nothing much interested me at this point!!! Three days would have been long enough. Coop asked me if I would go back and I said I would. One of my favorite purchases was the least expensive. I found a wonderful little hammer with acrylic on one end and I forget what else on the other! It's perfect for wire work. Isn't it strange how a $2.00 hammer can delight you?

Packing for the return flight was a chore and going through security was a bigger chore. A necklace I bought at the show set off the alarm. Back through the gate for me. I accidentally touched the frame so the alarm went off again. Back through the gate for me. I finally got through and then they wanted to check inside my suitcase. It seems that it's hard to x-ray through big bags of stones! Off to the checking area to have my bag poked, partially unpacked and checked for explosives residue. We made it to the gate with lots of time to spare because our plane was delayed. We realized it was going to be too late to get Sam from the Petshotel when we got to Albuquerque. Coop called and a sweet little girl agreed to stay late so we could get him. She is now my favorite Petsmart employee! Needless to say Coop gave her a nice BIG tip. After many wiggles and lots of kisses from Sam we got in the car and headed back to Santa Fe. A great big full moon came up just as we got near the city. It seems like a big welcome home present.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tucson Day 3

Today started with a lovely lunch with fellow beader Marilyn Gardiner, a Canadian who spends the winter in Tucson. Marilyn does beautiful chain maile work and teaches. She also is an avid beader so we had a great visit. Check out her work here:

The first two days in Tucson I saw mostly gemstones, fine jewelry etc but today I found the mother lode for beads! I didn't know there were as many beads in the entire world as I saw today. The tents were not as large as the main ones but they were still BIG tents. There were tables loaded with strands of beads, beads hanging from the booth dividers, beads stacked below the tables, big bags of beads ready to go on the tables ......... beads, beads, beads everywhere! I looked and looked but didn't buy much. I think I was totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of beads. Tomorrow is my last day here and I think I need to make a list. OK, a really, really long list!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 2

I survived day 2 but I'm not sure my feet will ever be the same. We spent the day at the G&LW show and didn't make it through all the booths in the two main tents. We're talking BIG tents here. Coop said they were the size of two football fields in length. Some of the booths were small single booths and some were huge. The largest one I saw was filled with pearls of every size and color. One photo shows about half the space. The other photo shows bags and bags of pearls in another vendor's booth. These were the emergency back-up pearls! These are not good photos because I used my cell phone camera. Yeah, you're right, I forgot to take my real camera.

My favorite thing today was talking with the vendors. I've never met a nicer group of people. They were super friendly and even when they knew someone wasn't going to buy (like me!) they still handed beautiful jewelry to try on and jewels to admire. I've seen more precious stones than I imagined possible and there are lots more tents to go. I'm going to pretend that I don't know about the other shows going on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 1

Our plane landed in Tucson on time, we got out of the airport and couldn't believe how cold it was. I'm talking big time cold and the wind was howling. I had a suede jacket thank goodness but it wasn't really warm enough. I saw this blooming plant at the airport and quickly snapped a photo.

So, what's a person do? One simply stays inside and looks at the goodies! I did buy a bead or two.... or three..... or four.... some to sell and some to keep. I bought some big honking turquoise nuggets and some round turquoise beads. I also got some round coral beads and some light green beads. I'm not sure what these are! I also bought a couple of jeweled baubles for me. I really needed to buy myself a valentine day present. We stayed at the J.O.G.S. show all afternoon and didn't see half the goodies. Tomorrow we're heading for the G&LW show. We passed one area that was about three city blocks or more covered with booths. They were selling huge, huge rocks and all kinds of manly-man stuff. We didn't stop because I was anxious to see the girly-girl jewels!

I am in total sensory overload. I've seen tables full of beads, pearls, finished jewelry and faceted stone of amethyst, peridot, sapphire, ruby, lions, tigers and bears, oh my. My eyes are tired from looking, my mind is rebelling and my feet hurt. I'm going to bed early so I can get up and hit the shows again tomorrow.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm leaving for Tucson early (yikes) in the morning. I haven't been to the Tucson shows in years and I can't wait. I'll blog from there when I can. I hope I can take some photos in the shows.

The last time I went to the Tucson shows Valerie Hixson met me there. We both have a black belt in bead shopping and the shows brought us to our knees. We bought so many "treasures" we shipped our clothes home by UPS so we could take our purchased in our suitcases. OK, so we couldn't get all the things in our suitcase. We had to ship some thing by UPS. I often open a box and find goodies from that trip. Thank goodness beads don't have a shelf life!