Friday, February 13, 2009

Home from Tucson

I'm home Aunty Em, I'm home! I definitely saw enough rubies to make many pairs of ruby red slippers. I went back to the big show yesterday and didn't buy diddly. Woe is me when I actually get tired of seeing precious gems! We went out to one of the smaller shows and I was so happy to see glass beads for a change. I bought some really pretty Czech beads and some crystal roundels. The drive to the small show was interesting because we could see all the tents from the freeway. No wonder my feet hurt. We estimated that the tents and grounds at the G&LW show at the Holidome covered the length of three city blocks. And no, I didn't go into all of them! We passed by show after show on the drive. Many of them featured rough stones so that didn't interest me. Truthfully, nothing much interested me at this point!!! Three days would have been long enough. Coop asked me if I would go back and I said I would. One of my favorite purchases was the least expensive. I found a wonderful little hammer with acrylic on one end and I forget what else on the other! It's perfect for wire work. Isn't it strange how a $2.00 hammer can delight you?

Packing for the return flight was a chore and going through security was a bigger chore. A necklace I bought at the show set off the alarm. Back through the gate for me. I accidentally touched the frame so the alarm went off again. Back through the gate for me. I finally got through and then they wanted to check inside my suitcase. It seems that it's hard to x-ray through big bags of stones! Off to the checking area to have my bag poked, partially unpacked and checked for explosives residue. We made it to the gate with lots of time to spare because our plane was delayed. We realized it was going to be too late to get Sam from the Petshotel when we got to Albuquerque. Coop called and a sweet little girl agreed to stay late so we could get him. She is now my favorite Petsmart employee! Needless to say Coop gave her a nice BIG tip. After many wiggles and lots of kisses from Sam we got in the car and headed back to Santa Fe. A great big full moon came up just as we got near the city. It seems like a big welcome home present.