Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tucson Day 3

Today started with a lovely lunch with fellow beader Marilyn Gardiner, a Canadian who spends the winter in Tucson. Marilyn does beautiful chain maile work and teaches. She also is an avid beader so we had a great visit. Check out her work here:

The first two days in Tucson I saw mostly gemstones, fine jewelry etc but today I found the mother lode for beads! I didn't know there were as many beads in the entire world as I saw today. The tents were not as large as the main ones but they were still BIG tents. There were tables loaded with strands of beads, beads hanging from the booth dividers, beads stacked below the tables, big bags of beads ready to go on the tables ......... beads, beads, beads everywhere! I looked and looked but didn't buy much. I think I was totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of beads. Tomorrow is my last day here and I think I need to make a list. OK, a really, really long list!

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