Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Web sites going down....

My web sites will soon be down due to my server moving their data bank. Darned if the haven't changed the dates twice. Wouldn't you just know it would happen? As of now my sites will be down beginning Friday, August 14, starting at 11:00pm EDT, and continuing into Saturday, August 15. I will not be able to recieve e-mail at my regular address during this time. You can reach me by writing

I've been super busy this week fulfilling some requests for Switchplate Covers. I think the latest ones will be the last ones. I have the following new e-Books:

Kitchen1 Switchplate Covers
Kitchen 2 Switchplate Covers
Celtic Switchplate Covers
Critters Switchplate Covers
Holiday Switchplate Covers
Southwest 3 Switchplate Covers

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