Saturday, September 12, 2009

El Desfile de Los Ninos

Just got back from watching El Desfile de Los Ninos (The Children's Pet Parade) and it is really a hoot! Furry, four-legged pirates, bees and super-heroes were seen in the parade. The pet parade featured costumed kids with animals of all sizes. Chickens, cats, kittens, ducks and dogs were dressed-up in outfits ranging from cowboys to ladybugs. Some kids had little wagons with fish tanks and gerbil cages. My favorite "float" was a shopping cart with cardboard on each side painted to look like a stage coach. The "horses" were hitched to the cart but they were two beautiful Labradors! One entry had every character in The Wizard of Oz with the dogs dressed like the flying monkeys. There were cages chickens and two roosters that were on the owners' shoulders. I have no idea how they stayed on. The cute part of this parade is seeing the imagination of the kids translated into costumes. There were dogs from the tiniest Chihuahuas to enormous Great Danes. I don't know how those tiny dogs could keep up but they all did. The dogs were having a grand time and the only sound I heard from them was from one Bloodhound who bayed as he walked. A big percentage of the crowd brought their dogs. Of course Sam had to go. He was so good I couldn't believe it. He sat and watched the entire parade and didn't make a sound.

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