Monday, September 7, 2009

My lovely picnic....yuck!

Coop and I have been married a long, long time. I'm not saying how long but I'll give you a hint. Benjamin Franklin was a guest at our wedding. Bennie Baby (that's what I called him) was a great dancer. I digress. OK, you've got the picture. A long marriage that just may have lasted ONE DAY TOO LONG.

Yesterday Coop decided we should drive up the mountain to the base of the ski area and have a picnic somewhere on our way up. I have never been a fan of picnics and that is putting it politely but like a good wife I agreed to go. We packed our lunch and headed up the mountain. It's only 16 miles from my house to the base of Ski Santa Fe area. The catch is that Santa Fe is at 7260 feet above sea level and the base of the ski area is at 10,350 feet. That means we climbed 3090 feet on a road that was switch backs all the way. Thank goodness there was no road to the top of the ski area or that fool would have driven to the top which is at 12,075 feet.

Do you have any idea how many people were camping in the National Forest yesterday? I don't either but I do know that every picnic table and camping space was occupied. Duh.... this is Labor Day weekend. We ended up eating our lunch while sitting on a ROCK. This was not my idea of fine dining.

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