Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rant warning!

I need to rant. I went to town today to try to finish my Christmas shopping. I had to get a few small things at Target. I hate going in Target even on a good day because all the fixtures in the store are ORANGE. I try not to look but I think the floors are orange too. Orange makes me mad when it is used in large quantities. Soooo..... I'm shopping and walking from one corner of the store to the other and back. I must have walked a bezillion miles all the while dodging people who were not watching where they were going. I began to feel like the slowest car in the bumper cars rink. I breathed deeply and continued shopping. All of a sudden I saw a woman in a really big motorized chair backing up at warp speed. She didn't glance around to see if anyone was behind her. There was someone there... me! There were too many people surrounding me for me to get out of her way. Thankfully she turned when she got about 4 inches from my legs. It was at this moment that I went into full fledged BAH HUMBUG MODE. Next year I plan to order everything online. It isn't safe out there! Rant over. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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