Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back in Santa Fe!

After five days in Phoenix the doctors wouldn't do the surgery on Coop's knee. It seems he may have walking pneumonia of all goofy things. He is on antibiotics now. We have to go back again. My car will probably try to head to Phoenix every time we start it now! Coop's surgery is now set for Feb. 25.

We made it back in time for a beautiful snow! I love snow better than a little kid. I had a whole flock of patterns I needed to prepare for upload so I sat at the computer in front of a window. I watched it snow and worked on patterns all day. Heavenly day!

I have a few of the patterns uploaded and will have more in a few days. I don't have these linked to the opening page so for now if you want a sneak peek you'll have to hit the back button!


Wouldn't you just know that my blog would be the only one with comments in Chinese? There are many of them so ignore them. There is an occasional word in English so I know they are bad, bad, bad.

Does anyone know how to block someone from posting?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Phoenix again....

Tuesday Coop and I leave for Phoenix. He will have the second knee replacement done. This time I won't be afraid. He has done so well with the first surgery he won't get much sympathy from me. I'm trying to get things in order so we can pack the car tomorrow. The big question is which beads to take. I'm going to work on my Bead Journal Project while I'm there. I'll post from Phoenix occasionally and with any luck I won't be whining over my lack of green chile! Yes, I'm taking some with me this time.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've been on a designing binge the last three days! What fun! I've got several southwest designs ready to upload. Here's one of them done in the Navajo Ganado Red style. This one is for the loom.