Monday, November 29, 2010

The cruise that almost wasn't!

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The cruise that almost wasn't!
Lucy and Ricky go on a cruise.

After hours working with the Delta international operator Coop finally got tickets for the cruise. We were flying first class using our Frequent Flyer points so it was hard to get tickets so near to the time we wanted to go. We couldn't get tickets to Venice so we booked them into Rome. It's a couple of hours by train from Rome to Venice. All is well. Life is good!

We got our itinerary from Delta and it was exactly when we wanted. We were to fly into Rome on Nov. 10, take a train to Venice and spend the night. Two days isn't enough time in Venice but I'm not sure if two weeks would be! We got reservations for a beautiful hotel about half a block from St. Mark's Square! All is well. Life is good!

And then...... we found out that Delta had forgotten about the pesky old international date line when they sent the itinerary. We weren't going to arrive on the 10th but on the 11th. Wahhhhhhh. Oh well, at least we will have a few hours in Venice. All is well. Life is good!

And then...... we took a shuttle train (30 miles) from the Rome airport into the city. That train ran late (it is Italy, you know, not Switzerland) so we missed our train to Venice. Not only was the train late we couldn't figure out where to board the Venice train! Thank goodness a young man came by wanting to take our luggage. He spoke better English than I do. We were a long, long way from where we were to board the train. We finally got to the right track and you guessed it, we had missed the second train! The trains run every 30 minutes so I had time for a small nervous breakdown. This train was a local, not an express so we stopped at every village. It was a long ride but we finally got to Venice. All is well. Life is good!

And then..... we couldn't find the dock for boarding the cruise ship. We were quickly running out of time. We had to check in by 4PM or the ship would leave without us. We hired a speed boat to take us to the dock. Two small problems; he couldn't go fast in the city and we didn't have our money changed into Euros. He took us to a bank and Coop got Euros. Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock is going faster than we were. We finally got out in open water and he kicked that boat into high gear! We arrived at the luggage check in with 28 seconds to spare. That's right, I said 28 seconds! We then had to walk two looooooong blocks (cobblestones) to the ship for the final check in. We made it!!! All is well. Life is indeed good!

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