Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sassy Update!

Sassy is a totally different dog now! Sam taught her to play with toys so now we listen to a lot of squeeking. She has been groomed twice but it will take about a month for her hair to grow enough to get a Bichon look. The groomer had to cut her hair about 3/4" long because of the matts. The black "halos" around her eyes are the same on both sides. The photo makes them look goofy! She walks on a leash and loves to go everywhere Coop goes. She goes into stores and visits with everyone.

We drove to Hallettville, TX (14 hours away) to celebrate Christmas with our entire family. We spent one night in a motel both ways. Sassy behaved as though she had spent her life traveling. She played with everyone and laughed until I thought her mouth would be sore!

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to see a smiling little girl instead of that little creature we brough home.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update on Sassy

Sassy was spayed Monday and spent two days sleeping. Yesterday she was up and running! She is becoming a real love bug too.

She is learning quickly but everything is all new to her. At first she was terrified of her harness and leash. Today she put her head down to get into the harness and didn't fight the leash one bit. Whew! Coop walked to the office with both of dogs and she walked by Sam with no problems. Sam is doing his best to get her to play chase today. She just doesn't get the point of that game!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poor little dog...

I hope there is an extremely hot place in hell reserved for people who neglect animals. We found out about this little girl a few days ago and brought her home. It's hard to believe but she is a Bichon Frise like our dog Sam. Beneath the long hair and mats there is a sweet baby. Her name is Sassy. She has been used for breeding too many times. I wasn't sure Sam would accept her but I promised her that if he didn't we would find a good home and she would never, never be neglected this way again. Sam is accepting her very well. She didn't know how to play so he is teaching her. She has been to the groomer once and already looks much better. I think she is going to live with us forever.