Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update on Sassy

Sassy was spayed Monday and spent two days sleeping. Yesterday she was up and running! She is becoming a real love bug too.

She is learning quickly but everything is all new to her. At first she was terrified of her harness and leash. Today she put her head down to get into the harness and didn't fight the leash one bit. Whew! Coop walked to the office with both of dogs and she walked by Sam with no problems. Sam is doing his best to get her to play chase today. She just doesn't get the point of that game!!!


Carol said...

Thanks for the update. Our local pet refuge recently received 10 dogs from a pet mill. I have 3 older large breed dogs now. I have decided that when the time comes when they are gone, I will offer my home to a mill dog or two. I never will understand why people would buy a dog that they knew began in this way.

judy2c said...

We want more pictures of her, and Sam. Pretty please...