Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching up

I haven't posted to this blog in ages. I do have a good excuse. Coop and I both have been suffering from shingles. If you've ever had them you will understand. Coop had a worse case than I did and they settled in his eye. Eeeeekkkkkk. He is finally over the worst part and his vision is back to normal.

Sassy and Sam have become great friends! They have their jobs sorted out now. When they hear a evildoer outside both will run to check. Sam stays and barks to keep the evildoer at bay. Sassy runs as fast as her little too-short legs will go and tells Coop that they need help. Being the resident dog-spoiler he goes to help them. So far we have not been invaded by a single evildoer. Thank goodness for two small white dogs!

I've been working on a really crazy necklace. With any luck I may be able to finish it. When, you say? I have no idea!


Allison H. said...

My big brown dog usually does the trick...but yours are way cuter!!! Glad you two are feeling better :)

Suzanne Cooper said...

Allison, I have to admit that your big brown dog is cute.... wild but cute! Is he two years old yet? Dogs seem to grow up overnight when they turn two.

Allison H. said...

barely a year and a half