Monday, January 9, 2012

Long time no blog!

I think I win the prize for going the longest time between posts. This has been a busy, busy time for Coop and I but darned if I can remember all we did! We had a grand time at Indian Market with our daughter Lee Ann, her husband Wayne and Ali's husband Jeff. Ali was teaching so she couldn't come. The guys went trout fishing one day so Lee Ann and I went shopping. In November Coop had to go to Window Rock to visit with the Navajo Nations computer group. We took a couple of days to play in Gallup. I thought I had seen a lot of Indian jewelry here but I saw more in one trading post than in our entire city. And did I buy something? No..... but Coop bought me a pair of earrings and TWO beautiful old pawn silver bead necklaces for my birthday! Then came Christmas with a visit from Ali, Jeff, Olivia and Cooper. We had a wonderful time! I guess that brings me up to date!

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