Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I will get back to beading


This afternoon I decided I had to get back to beading. I found a project that was almost finished and set out to finish it. All I need to do is bead the bottom of the piece. This shouldn't take very long. Right? Wrong! I didn't want to walk to the studio/office/guest house because it was too far away since it's out the back door and across the donkey path. I have enough beads here in the house. Surely I have matching beads here. Right?

1. Sat down to bead.
2. Couldn't find any of my 19,750 needles.
3. Finally found ONE.
4. Couldn't find the gray beads that I used before.
5. Finally found some almost matching gray. No one will see the bottom of the piece. Right? That will have to do.
6. Looked in my thread box and couldn't find medium gray thread.
7. Decided to take a coffee break. 
8. Finally found light gray thread. That will have to do. No one will see the bottom of the piece. Right?
9. Sat down to bead and added two beads.
10. Uh oh….. one matte black bead on the piece is missing.
11. Dug through boxes and boxes and only found hex black beads.
12. Finally cut one matte black bead off the edge of a finished piece.
13. Sat back down to bead and add a few more beads.
14. Decided I had to make the loooooong trek to the studio for beads, thread and needles.
15. Decided to take a Coke break instead. 

I will get back to beading. I will get back to beading. I will get back to beading. Right?

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I can totally identify with this post!!