Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big plans....

Tonight I made a big, big plan. I will start de-stashing my studio and sell things. I have more beads and supplies than a whole flock of beaders could use in a year...maybe two! I am definitely a compulsive bead buyer. There, I admitted it. It's going to be hard to let my pretties go to a new home but I need to do it.

The big question is where and how to sell them. Should I go the eBay route? Etsy? Private sale via my newsletter? I'd appreciate your opinion. Just add a comment please.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well I don't sell, but I know EVERYONE reads your newsletter so it would seem to be a place to try. No listing fees either. I have several sewing friends that are doing this on their blog. They list a few bundles and its first come first serve. They all have done very well in this manner.
Good Luck, whatever you do. I'm sure you'll sell whatever you list.

Romona said...

I say go with a garage sale via your newsletter. That seems to be a big thing these days and like Carol said, no fees other than PayPal or ???? and you just have to know we'll be watching for pretties to be had... ;o)) Romona