Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After the show.....

I've spent the day with a huge bead show hangover. I keep thinking about all the things I could have bought and didn't. I bought a lot but there is never enough beads.

I'm missing Bonnie a lot. We went to lunch at our favorite lunch spot La Casa Sena. The food was wonderful and the drinks even better. We ate outside in their beautiful patio. It was lovely and I'm glad we asked for a sunny table. We went to the show the first and last day. The second day we decided to go to the plaza. We weather was perfect so we ate lunch there. We had yummy fajita tacos which are sold at one of the little food stands. We listened to music and just vegged out. We finally got hungry for dessert so we went to The French Cafe in La Fonda hotel. Crepes with strawberries.... yum, yum! We looked in a couple of stores and went back to a bench on the plaza. Bonnie beaded the entire time we were there. I did a stupid thing and took everything I needed to work on a piece except the beads. What a duh thing to do.

After that lovely day the weather turned cold and windy. It's still cold today and that probably added to my bead show hangover!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today was the first day of BeadExpo Santa Fe. My good, good friend Bonnie Brooks came for the event. We didn't even make it to all the booths. We'll have to go back tomorrow. Oh darn!!!! I bought about half a ton of crystals. OK, so I exaggerated a wee bit but I did get a lot. Now the big question is what to make with them!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I will get back to beading


This afternoon I decided I had to get back to beading. I found a project that was almost finished and set out to finish it. All I need to do is bead the bottom of the piece. This shouldn't take very long. Right? Wrong! I didn't want to walk to the studio/office/guest house because it was too far away since it's out the back door and across the donkey path. I have enough beads here in the house. Surely I have matching beads here. Right?

1. Sat down to bead.
2. Couldn't find any of my 19,750 needles.
3. Finally found ONE.
4. Couldn't find the gray beads that I used before.
5. Finally found some almost matching gray. No one will see the bottom of the piece. Right? That will have to do.
6. Looked in my thread box and couldn't find medium gray thread.
7. Decided to take a coffee break. 
8. Finally found light gray thread. That will have to do. No one will see the bottom of the piece. Right?
9. Sat down to bead and added two beads.
10. Uh oh….. one matte black bead on the piece is missing.
11. Dug through boxes and boxes and only found hex black beads.
12. Finally cut one matte black bead off the edge of a finished piece.
13. Sat back down to bead and add a few more beads.
14. Decided I had to make the loooooong trek to the studio for beads, thread and needles.
15. Decided to take a Coke break instead. 

I will get back to beading. I will get back to beading. I will get back to beading. Right?